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AUtomotive Consulting



With a combined 30 years of experience specific to automotive industry manufacturers, creative agencies, enthusiasts, and content creators, our knowledge base and network are extensive.


We apply our expertise to create accurate, authentic, and representative strategy for of our clients' brands or vehicles. Our service applies to all forms of communication, and is scalable by project size and duration.


Whether it's refining a social media strategy, industry expertise for a pitch or RFP, or to gain an understanding of an obscure audience with more depth; our goal is to compliment existing communication/marketing teams with an expert point of view and recommendation on every project.

Communication Strategy Development  

Scalable development of brand, retail, and social strategies from the ground up. Or, fine tuning and iterating  existing strategies to adapt to evolving market conditions. 

Cultural & Niche Market Insight Development

Deep dive research & reporting of unique market segments, and their audiences.  


Intelligence reporting of

market trends, product use cases, and cultural significance. 

Audio & Video:

Production  Insights

Problem solving for production quandaries. 

What vehicles to use, how to use them, and what to expect when planning productions with vehicle integration. 


Photography Production 

Small, nimble teams deployed to tackle:


  • episodic podcast production

  • podcast ad production  

  • walk around videos     (with/without narration)

  • product training video 

  • audio interviews (field or in-studio recordings) 

  • audio + video interviews 

  • short form video & photography centric social media content 

  • rack day race coverage 

  • behind the scenes and making-of content 

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Vehicle Accuracy 

Timeline and playbook creation of "Vehicle as Character".


Creative integration and production process guidance. Ensuring balance of authenticity in project narrative, and production realities. 



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