Automotive Consulting Services 

With a combined 30 years of experience specific to the automotive industry on a corporate/manufacturer level,  niche enthusiast, and more obscure tuning/racing worlds, our knowledge base is immense.


We help our clients ensure the portrayal of their vehicle and/or brand, are accurate and relevant. This offering applies to all forms of communication, and is scalable by project size and duration.


From a period correct, guttural exhaust rumble in a podcast, to understanding the best use case for a modern pick-up truck in a commercial film, our goal is to compliment existing communication/marketing teams with an authentic automotive point of view and recommendation on every project. Product and brand relevance are king. 

The Bucket Seat Consulting offers its core professional services to clients in the following areas : 

1. Audio & Video: Production & Pre-Production Insights


Research for accurate & relevant vehicle selection. Helping clients understand time, culture, & aesthetic          relevance to production.

2. Cultural and Niche Market Insight Development


Research of relevant trends, current and past, that have an impact on storyline development, production

processes, and character relationships. 

3. Vehicle Accuracy 


Creation of custom timelines for "Vehicle as Character" to exist in believable surroundings (other vehicles,

accurate period modifications, language used to describe said vehicles, maneuvers to be performed, etc.). 


Recommendations for tailoring story or production process to find  balance between period or cultural

authenticity, and production realities. 

4. Audio, Video & Photography Production 


Small, nimble teams deployed to tackle: 

- episodic podcast production

- podcast advertising production  

- walk around videos (with/without narration)

- product training video 

- audio interviews (field or in-studio recordings) 

- audio + video interviews 

- short form video & photography centric social media content 

- rack day race coverage 

- behind the scenes and making-of content 

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