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Automotive Photo & Videography 


Subaru WRX STI

Season: Fall 2019

Location: Toronto, Canada

Capture: Full Shoot - Photography (without retouching) 



Content for social media channels, websites, and campaigns.  

Our approach is a nimble one. Speed, flexibility, and quality are at the core of everything we do. With those three components guiding our process, we work collaboratively to define critical elements in every project, create a succinct plan that lines us up for success, and go to work. 


Driven by more than a decade of experience in the automotive photography and videography production industry, we are well versed in the need for industry specific expertise. 

We are able to integrate directly with product planners, managers, marketers, public relations, and  partner agencies. We guide the process to ensure priorities are clear, and the production plan is geared for success. 


A few planning components we consider are:  

  • Evaluation of purchase behaviour to guide shooting focus

    • i.e. Maritz top purchase, and top rejection reasons

  • Feature/benefit trends effecting vehicle segmentation 

  • Regional nuances in product use or desire 

  • Language output 




We are firm believers that with a clear plan, success is nearly inevitable. 


Once our plan has been set, and all parties understand our goals, we put together our production plan to achieve them. 


Some of the components we plan for are : 

  • Production timing 

  • Location selection 

  • Technical asset requirements (aspect ratio, orientation, etc)

  • Full 360° photo and video vehicle capture

  • Walkaround video: production 

  • Walkaround video: narrative script writing

  • Retouching and post production 

  • Asset delivery management 




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